A lot of gamers keep lists of all the games they’ve finished throughout each year. That’s something I’ve always kinda-sorta intended to do, but I’ve tried to keep them all in my head, and at my advanced age (I’m forty-damn-six, you little punks), that’s nearly impossible for my withered old brain.

So since it’s a new year, and so far I’ve only finished two games, I figured it’s early enough that I can keep track of them right here in a blog post, which I’ll continually update! The latest games will be added to the top. (I’m not including re-playing old games I’ve already finished, like, say, Super Metroid or Mega Man.) So here goes–!

Ys Seven (PC)
The culmination of my “Ys kick,” I spent a little over 40 hours to finish the PC version of Ys Seven. Definitely different from other games in the series because of the party element, but still had enough of that Ys feel to keep me hooked.

Ys Seven

Untitled Goose Game (PS4)
I finally got to play this game after my wife got me the iam8bit “Lovely Edition,” packaged entirely in eco-friendly materials, for Christmas — and a few days later I finished the game in one sitting. Original and hilarious! In my head, I kept calling it Metal Goose Solid.

Keep checking back for list updates!