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Steins;Gate – It’s About Time

OR: I Tapped ENTER For 30 Hours and All I Got Was This Lousy Ending

Since I recently time-traveled all the way back to the beginning of visual novels with Portopia, I figured I would check out this more modern title to see how the genre has evolved in all these years. Steins;Gate may be 10 years old already (in effect making it retro-ish), but since it’s about time travel, does it really matter? The game will make you think about things like that; at least, it did for me, as I finally got around to playing this now-legendary title for the first time. Or maybe I’ve been here before in a different reality, and it wasn’t my first time? (Yeah, it was, I’m just messing with you.) (I think.) Continue reading “Steins;Gate – It’s About Time”

My PC game collection

You’re pretty much lookin at it

I’ll put it out there now: I’ve never been a huge fan of PC gaming. For some reason, they’ve always fought me – either my computer wasn’t powerful enough, or the game would cause some ridiculous conflict, like if I want to install X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, then my printer wouldn’t work. So I wrote off PC games and mostly stuck with my consoles.

There’s also the fact that so many popular PC games tend to be genres I don’t particularly care for, such as strategy, MMORPGs, or first-person shooters.

But there was Blade Runner. Continue reading “My PC game collection”

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