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March 2017

Gamer’s Library: The Legend of Zelda Art & Artifacts


I didn’t buy the earlier Zelda book, Hyrule Historia, the English version of which Dark Horse had also published in the US. One of the main reasons that book had originally piqued my interest was because I had hoped it would contain some of the old instruction manual artwork; and it did, but it was reproduced at a very small size.

Enter Art & Artifacts: A tome of nothing BUT the official, original Legend of Zelda illustrations. I still wasn’t even sure I was going to pick up this book, until I saw it at Target for $27.99. When I grabbed it, though, and realized it was a massive volume boasting over 400 pages, it was a no-brainer. Although I must say that by page 15, it was already worth my money. Continue reading “Gamer’s Library: The Legend of Zelda Art & Artifacts”

Video Vinyl: Snatcher on Ship to Shore

As you can see, I loves me some Snatcher

Ship to Shore Phono Company’s double LP release of the Snatcher soundtrack is the second of a one-two punch of vinyl videogame soundtrack releases that I was super excited about for early 2017 (the other being Data Disc’s Revenge of Shinobi, which came out several weeks ago and was the subject of my last Video Vinyl blog entry). I had pre-ordered both titles late last year and have been looking forward to them ever since. Well, the Snatcher album finally showed up today, and I am VERY impressed! Continue reading “Video Vinyl: Snatcher on Ship to Shore”

Arcade Pilgrimage: Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas


I’ve been to Las Vegas several times, and had always intended to check out the Pinball Hall of Fame, but it wasn’t until June of 2014 that I finally got a chance to visit. I loved it so much that when I was back in Vegas in November of that same year, I went again, and I fully intend to go anytime I find myself in Las Vegas from now on. Continue reading “Arcade Pilgrimage: Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas”

My PC game collection

You’re pretty much lookin at it

I’ll put it out there now: I’ve never been a huge fan of PC gaming. For some reason, they’ve always fought me – either my computer wasn’t powerful enough, or the game would cause some ridiculous conflict, like if I want to install X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, then my printer wouldn’t work. So I wrote off PC games and mostly stuck with my consoles.

There’s also the fact that so many popular PC games tend to be genres I don’t particularly care for, such as strategy, MMORPGs, or first-person shooters.

But there was Blade Runner. Continue reading “My PC game collection”

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