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October 2017

IT’S ALIVE! Frankenstein’s Monster for Atari 2600

20171030_192034What are some great, scary, classic games to play for Halloween? Castlevania? Splatterhouse? Resident Evil? Haunted House? Clock Tower? Silent Hill? Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy? Yes, all terrifying games in their own ways. But this year, I’m going to talk about an Atari 2600 game that really fits the Halloween bill: Frankenstein’s Monster by Data Age!

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Happy 30th, PC Engine!


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the legendary NEC PC Engine! Happy birthday little buddy!

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The Glob: An Appreciation


I first discovered The Glob not way back in 1982 when it was released, but rather in 2016 when I visited Funspot arcade in New Hampshire. I stepped up to this mysterious cabinet I had never even heard of before, let alone seen, plunked in a quarter and JIMINY F’ING CHRISTMAS ON TOAST WHAT IN THE SCREAMING HELLFIRE IS EVEN GOING ON WITH THIS GAME?!?! Continue reading “The Glob: An Appreciation”

What are we playing? 10.23.17


Cuphead. I’m playing Cuphead. That’s what I’m playing. That’s what everybody’s playing. You should be playing it too. Why aren’t you playing it instead of reading this? Continue reading “What are we playing? 10.23.17”

Aero Blasters for PC-Engine: All about the gameplay


I’m pretty sure Aero Blasters is my favorite PC Engine shmup. There’s so much to love about it!

The game moves fast, the graphics are great, the music is catchy, and it plays like buttah. It’s so smooth! It’s sort of Gradius-esque, except when you get killed and respawn with your standard-issue peashooter, it’s not totally underpowered and you feel like you still have a fighting chance even with no power-ups (as opposed to Gradius games, where you die and lose all your power-ups and it makes you just want to stop playing videogames forever and sell your consoles).

Even the logo is rad! (One of the all-time best game logos IMHO!)

From some perspectives, the PC-Engine version of Aero Blasters might be the least impressive of the three versions of the game that were released. But I think it’s the best.

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Introducing Retro Game SuperHyper: The ‘ZINE!


GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS!! To commemorate the first year of Retro Game SuperHyper, I am super hyper proud to announce the Retro Game SuperHyper: Year 1 Fanzine, available RIGHT NOW!!

This 32-page ‘zine, which I personally designed and laid out, collects and remixes some of my favorite articles and features from the first year of RGSH, as well as some all-new content that is ONLY available in the ‘zine!  It’s available as a real live physical publication that you can order and will show up in your mailbox, as well as a PDF download! Continue reading “Introducing Retro Game SuperHyper: The ‘ZINE!”

RGSH’s First Anniversary!


Today, October 16, 2017, Retro Game SuperHyper turns one year old! A winner is me! Continue reading “RGSH’s First Anniversary!”



Really quick update, just a piece of business really — but as we approach the first anniversary of Retro Game SuperHyper, I have a couple things to announce. And the first one is this:


I figured after a year of running a blog and not getting sick of it yet, I’d go ahead and register the domain. So you can drop the “.wordpress” when visiting the blog now, thereby shaving a fraction of a second off your blog-reading speedrun!

The next announcement isn’t ready yet. It’ll be soon though — closer to the blog’s actual first birthday. And it’s super cool. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

I have this thing: Atari Flashback Portable 2016


Even though they’ve been out for quite a while, the other day I suddenly and inexplicably had the overwhelming urge to acquire an Atari Flashback Portable. Normally retailing for around 50 bucks, I did a little bargain shopping and found one on clearance for only $28. I figured I couldn’t go wrong at that price, so I made it my own.

I am really glad I did. I love this thing. Continue reading “I have this thing: Atari Flashback Portable 2016”

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