GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS!! To commemorate the first year of Retro Game SuperHyper, I am super hyper proud to announce the Retro Game SuperHyper: Year 1 Fanzine, available RIGHT NOW!!

This 32-page ‘zine, which I personally designed and laid out, collects and remixes some of my favorite articles and features from the first year of RGSH, as well as some all-new content that is ONLY available in the ‘zine!  It’s available as a real live physical publication that you can order and will show up in your mailbox, as well as a PDF download!

Contents of the ‘zine include:

  • Letter from the editor (that’d be me, then)
  • Downsizing the Collection
  • Video Vinyl
  • Videogame ‘Zines (EXCLUSIVE content)
  • Holding Out For a Hero
  • What Were We Playing?
  • Chasing the Dragon
  • Retro Game SuperFunny comic strips (EXCLUSIVE content)
  • Nuts & Milk Custom Levels (EXCLUSIVE content)

…plus photography and new original artwork!

Here’s a preview, followed by ordering info below!

To order yourself a physical ‘zine or purchase and download the PDF, check this out:

Retro Game SuperHyper Year 1

By TJ Rappel

32 pages, published 10/16/2017

From the popular videogame blog of the same name, Retro Game SuperHyper Year 1 ‘zine celebrates the blog’s first birthday by compiling and remixing some of the best articles from the blog’s first year, and includes some exclusive new content not available online! 32 pages of full-color retro gaming love!

Or just go to http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1360873.

I’ve actually had this planned since just a few months into doing the blog. I thought putting out a real ‘zine would be a cool way to mark the milestone of making it through my first year.

I have a long history with fanzines which you can read about in the pages of this mag, and I was a graphic designer before becoming a tattoo artist, so this project is really bringing me full circle. I’m really proud of it and I hope you get a chance to check it out!

PS: If you notice that there are no Arcade Pilgrimage features in the ‘zine…there’s a reason for that, and it involves even bigger plans. I hope you stick with me through the future of RGSH! Thank you!!