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September 2017

Getting Board with Videogames


No, it’s not that I can’t spell — I recently dug up a stack of old board games based on videogames (see what I did there?), and well, what else am I gonna do but write a blog post about ’em? Continue reading “Getting Board with Videogames”

A tale of two Star Foxes


Sometimes, things get confusing in this hobby. Especially with videogame titles! Occasionally a game’s name or even content has to be changed depending on the region in which it’s being sold. This can be due to copyright issues, cultural standards, or marketing-based decisions by the publisher. Other times, you run into a situation like what I’m talking about today: in which a kickass, revolutionary, and popular game has the unfortunate privilege of sharing its name with a rightfully-forgotten piece of crap that probably actually directly contributed to the infamous 1983 crash of the whole home videogame market.

I present to you: Star Fox and StarFox.

Continue reading “A tale of two Star Foxes”

Me and the Metroid Database


With Nintendo’s announcement of two new Metroid games at this year’s E3 (Metroid Prime 4 for Switch and Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS, which is out this Friday and also which I will probably be writing about more than once), I thought now would be a good time for me to write a little something about my history of Metroid fandom, and how I brought it to the internet over 20 years ago with the first dedicated Metroid website, the Metroid Database!

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