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June 2017

Videogames from Cagliostro

I kinda really super-duper love this movie…this isn’t even all my Cagliostro stuff

Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro is one of my all-time favorite movies. Like, not even just anime movies — it’s one of my favorite films, period, up there on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones level for me. I’ve owned it since the first official English-dubbed VHS of it was released in 1992, and have since bought it twice on DVD and once on Blu-ray. I’m even thinking about picking up an old Laserdisc of it just for completion’s sake.

If you don’t know the film, or the anime/manga character Lupin the 3rd — the short version is that Lupin started off as a manga in the late 1960s by an artist named Monkey Punch; had an anime TV series in the early ’70s; his first theatrical film and a second TV series in ’78; and in 1979, the second Lupin movie, The Castle of Cagliostro — the motion picture directing debut of a guy you may have heard of named Hayao Miyazaki — was released. Lupin went on to more movies, TV shows, TV specials, OAVs, and live action movies in subsequent years and remains a popular character to this day.

With that level of success, naturally, a number of Lupin videogames have been made over the years, and of those, three of them have been specifically based on Cagliostro, with one or two more taking liberal doses of inspiration from it. This is the specific subset of games I’ll be checking out in this post! Continue reading “Videogames from Cagliostro”

What are we playing? 06.22.17


Since my son bought a Nintendo Switch (yay for having a teenager with a job, I didn’t have to buy it myself!), he’s been lending me his 3DSXL — a unit which I always wanted but never picked up. So I’m catching up on some games I missed out on, and the first one is Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Released in 2014, it’s not an old game, but it certainly is 100% rooted in the spirit of A Link to the Past, as you are probably well aware. Continue reading “What are we playing? 06.22.17”

Finding Jesus

Jesus - Tale of the Dreadful Bio-monster-16

Jesus: Kyoufu no Bio-Monster is one of those games I’d always heard about in “weird Famicom games from Japan” lists — you know, just mentioned because it was called “Jesus,” and then glossed over to talk about the next game in the list, which was probably that impossible-to-finish Takeshi’s Challenge game or whatever. But I never really looked into what the game actually was, until recently. And when I did, I got pretty excited and dove in headfirst. Continue reading “Finding Jesus”

Nintendo’s Legacy of Gorillas


Much can be debated about Nintendo’s history and their successes and failures. Say what you will about their role in the resurrection of the American home videogame console market, whether or not they won the “console wars,” the failure of the Virtual Boy, their innovations with the Wii and DS, or whether or not they’re doing right by the Metroid franchise (they’re not), but there is one inarguable, unquestionable fact about Nintendo:

They drew some great gorillas. Continue reading “Nintendo’s Legacy of Gorillas”

RGSH t-shirts available now!


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I’m hoping that this is only the first of a whole line of retro gamer t-shirt designs, so if this one does well, you can expect more!

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