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April 2017

6-Month State of the Blog Address


Hi friends! Well, Retro Game SuperHyper has been a thing for a little over 6 months now, so I thought I would do a quick post about how it’s been doing and where it’s going from here! Continue reading “6-Month State of the Blog Address”

Midwest Gaming Classic 2017


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This year’s Midwest Gaming Classic went down last weekend in Brookfield, Wisconsin (right outside Milwaukee), on a beautiful 70-degree weekend (unseasonably warm for this time of year in Wisco). This being somewhere around my 12th visit or so, I’ve seen the event come a long way from being a one-ballroom affair at a small hotel in Oconomowoc. MGC takes up every available inch of expo space (including the hallways and the bar) on the ground and basement levels of the Sheraton Hotel, as well as the circus-sized tent in the parking lot which houses the vendor area.

Things start rolling on Friday night for early-bird passholders with parties and gaming, but the event officially opens up on Saturday morning and runs into Sunday. As a tattoo artist, I am always busy working on Saturdays, so I always go on Sunday. This is a double-edged sword, as there’s lots of amazing loot to be purchased on Saturdays, but the vendors are more willing to deal on Sundays. So I might see better prices, but less selection. One of these years, maybe, I’ll actually take a Saturday off and see what it’s like. But trust me, the place is a madhouse even on Sunday! Continue reading “Midwest Gaming Classic 2017”

It’s MGC weekend!

Midwest Gaming Classic 2017 officially kicks off RIGHT NOW in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Unfortunately, I work Saturdays so I usually can’t attend til Sunday, but I will be there tomorrow! 

I’ll have some Retro Game SuperHyper postcards around so grab one if you find them, or say hello if you see me! Look for pics and videos on the RGSH Instagram, and a full report here on the blog later in the week. To all attending, travel safe and have fun!

Is your Slime slimy?


If you have the Dragon Quest Blue Slime controller for PS2 by Hori, released in conjunction with Dragon Quest VIII in 2004, you may have noticed that after 13 years of collecting dust on your shelf, it’s become disgusting. Maybe it’s got a gross, sticky film on it? This is actually pretty common with PVC items such as action figures and other toys, and my DQ Slime controller was susceptible to it as well. So, I’m here to tell you how to clean it up and make it, you know, not totally revolting to touch! Continue reading “Is your Slime slimy?”

I have this thing: Shazam! unreleased game for Atari 2600


I grew up on videogames and comic books in the ’70s and ’80s. As a huge fan of superheroes in my childhood, one of my favorites was — and still is — Captain Marvel. Continue reading “I have this thing: Shazam! unreleased game for Atari 2600”

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