Retro Game SuperHyper not just a blog — it’s also a physical, printed fanzine!

I have a long history with fanzines and independent publishing, so from very early on in the blog’s existence, I wanted to publish a ‘zine to go along with it. Initially, it was intended to be an annual compilation of some of my favorite blog articles, but very soon I decided to fill the ‘zine with mostly original content, making it an expansive companion piece to the blog, and a playground for me to explore art and design.

Each issue is full-color, printed on-demand on quality paper and professionally bound, full of photos, artwork, splashy layouts and lots to read. There are even comics and strategy guides to vintage games!

With four volumes currently available and #5 in the works, all issues of the Retro Game SuperHyper fanzine can be purchased online through MagCloud. The ‘zine is also available digitally as a PDF at a ridiculously low price, and each order for a physical copy includes the PDF for FREE!

Check out the flip-through videos below, and please support indie publishing and game fanzines! Thank you!