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October 2016

The Scariest Game Ever?

Are you kidding?

Nope, not Silent Hill. Not Fatal Frame. Not Dead Space, Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, Juggernaut (although I do wanna talk about that freakfest at some point)…not even Haunted House on Atari.

Today, for Halloween, I wanna show you Resident Evil 2. But not just any Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 for Tiger’s Now THAT’S scary.

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Zelda: Link’s Awakening: FINISHED!

I moved the operation from the GBA SP to the Game Boy Player for the final stage

To follow up on my earlier post about playing Link’s Awakening, I finished the game after picking away at it for a few weeks!

Overall, I liked it quite a bit. It felt really good to play a traditional, top-down, 2D Zelda game that I wasn’t very familiar with. Games like this never feel dated to me even when I experience them for the first time, so it says a lot about its quality that it’s aged very well. Continue reading “Zelda: Link’s Awakening: FINISHED!”


I see a theme here

I just realized that almost my entire PlayStation Portable library is retro game remakes and collections. Continue reading “Um”


My reissue Hudson Shooting Watch, still showing my record of 10.5 shots per second

Ever use one of these? It’s a Hudson Shooting Watch. They came out in Japan in the ’80s and were reissued in the late 2000s. It’s a gadget that measures how many times you can press a button in 10 seconds, thereby telling you how many shots per second you can achieve, which I guess is useful information if you’re a shmup enthusiast, which I am. Continue reading “10.5shot”

Arcade Pilgrimage: Gameland, Lake Geneva, WI


As I mentioned in my first post here on RGSH, I make it a point to travel to arcades around the country. My wife and I love to travel as it is, and if I can find an arcade to visit, even better. But I’ve been known to take huge detours or even special trips just to find arcades I’ve heard about. I always document them with lots of photos too; I think in the back of my head, I always wanted to write about them, and now with RGSH, I finally have that chance.

Back in 2008, it became semi-widely reported among news outlets that historic Gameland arcade in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin — opened in 1944 — would be closing after over 60 years in business. Continue reading “Arcade Pilgrimage: Gameland, Lake Geneva, WI”

I have this thing: Lupin the Third for Super Cassette Vision

As videogame collectors, sometimes we obtain games for systems we don’t even own. It just happens; other people might ask us why, but we don’t need to explain it to them. Mostly because we can’t. Continue reading “I have this thing: Lupin the Third for Super Cassette Vision”

Video Vinyl 1

My original copy of Pac-Man Fever that I got at age 7 in 1982

Vinyl is hot among music collectors again. I happen to be one of those, as well (records and retro games are pretty much my two collecting hobbies these days). I’ve always bought tons of music, whether on vinyl, cassette, or CD (I’m not a downloader, I prefer physical media – which is probably evident as I’m blogging about collecting old videogames), so it’s not a trendy thing for me (cue the “I was buying vinyl before it got hip” line).

Anyway, with the current hipness of vinyl records comes a proliferation of video game soundtracks on said format. Companies like I Am 8 Bit, Data Discs, and Ship to Shore are producing high-quality editions for collectors of both games and music.

But let’s go back…way back. To the beginning.

Pac-Man Fever.

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What are we playing? 10.16.16

Link’s Awakening for Game Boy, Player’s Choice release. Game Boy Advance SP is my platform of choice for original GB and GBC games

Link’s Awakening has always been kind of the gap in my Zelda history. Continue reading “What are we playing? 10.16.16”

Name? _ _ _ _

At Funspot arcade in New Hampshire, putting my initials in the Donkey Kong machine that was in the documentary King of Kong. Not a great score, but had to capture the moment


I’m TJ, and I’ve been a videogamer since 1980 when I was six years old. Continue reading “Name? _ _ _ _”

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