Link’s Awakening for Game Boy, Player’s Choice release. Game Boy Advance SP is my platform of choice for original GB and GBC games

Link’s Awakening has always been kind of the gap in my Zelda history. I bought it new a loooong time ago (as you can see, after it went “Player’s Choice,” but before they released the full-color DX version for the Game Boy Color) and played it for a while, but got stuck and never picked it up again. I recently decided to start over and have now almost reached the point where I was when I quit last time, so will I break through and finish the game this time, or cheese out and let it sit for another 20 years? I’ll let you know!

I like the fact that they brought a lot of design and gameplay elements from Link to the Past into this 8-bit Game Boy environment. It really makes me wonder how one more Zelda on the NES would have turned out (allegedly, Zelda 3 was originally in development for the Famicom/NES as early as 1988, before they switched the project to the then-upcoming Super Famicom/SNES).

What are YOU playing?