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The Super Mario Movie: Chris Pratt is the BEST MARIO EVER and Other Observations

A couple weeks ago, my gorgeous, saintly, and astonishingly tolerant wife accompanied her big dorky nerdball husband (that’s me, follow along here) on a date to see the Super Mario Movie. She thought it was pretty good. I LOVED IT.

Continue reading “The Super Mario Movie: Chris Pratt is the BEST MARIO EVER and Other Observations”

Arcade Documentary Roundup


In addition to being a video game nerd, I’m also a little bit of a movie buff. So with a number of interesting documentary films on arcade video games having been released in the past ten years or so, I’ve done my best to catch a lot of them. So let’s pop some corn and tear open a packet of Twizzlers, round a bunch of them up and check ’em out, shall we? MOVIE SIIIIIIIIGN! Continue reading “Arcade Documentary Roundup”

The Lost Arcade


I don’t even remember where I heard about it, but way back in 2011, I backed a film project on Kickstarter called Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair. It was to be a documentary on the final days of a New York City video arcade and the gaming community it affected.

Now, I have never been to New York City, let alone NYC’s Chinatown. And I had never even heard of Chinatown Fair until the Kickstarter project came to my attention. But as a dedicated gamer, an arcade nostalgic, and a self-professed videogame historian, the very idea of the film resonated with me. Continue reading “The Lost Arcade”

Pixels: That wasn’t so bad

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I finally got around to watching the movie Pixels just now. Having seen and loved the short film by Patrick Jean, I was interested when I heard that it had been picked up to be turned into a major motion picture, but also wondered how far the premise of classic games coming to life and attacking Earth could really be stretched. Continue reading “Pixels: That wasn’t so bad”

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