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Video Vinyl: Shadow of the Colossus and Actraiser

Just when I said I wasn’t going to be making as many regular blog posts, here comes the return of Video Vinyl! Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Okay, so to follow that shocker, here’s a hot take:

There’s too damn much video game vinyl.

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Video Vinyl: Policenauts on Data Discs

Last month’s announcement of the 17th catalog release from British video game soundtrack vinyl specialists Data Discs was an exciting surprise: Policenauts, Konami’s 1994 graphic adventure game, directed by Hideo Kojima. Available on multiple formats, beginning with the PC-9821 computer, then ported to the 3DO, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Saturn consoles, this spiritual follow-up to Kojima’s classic, Snatcher, never actually got an official release anywhere outside of Japan. Despite this, Policenauts has still managed to gain legendary status among import game enthusiasts and Kojima fans alike.

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Video Vinyl: Revenge of Shinobi on Data Discs


Revenge of Shinobi (aka The Super Shinobi) is the game that absolutely defines the Sega Genesis to me. I had a friend who was an early adopter of the Genesis, and that first wave of games such as Altered Beast, Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, and Golden Axe were enough to thoroughly impress those of us who had grown up on Atari and Nintendo. But to me, Revenge of Shinobi was at the top of the heap. Continue reading “Video Vinyl: Revenge of Shinobi on Data Discs”

Video Vinyl 1

My original copy of Pac-Man Fever that I got at age 7 in 1982

Vinyl is hot among music collectors again. I happen to be one of those, as well (records and retro games are pretty much my two collecting hobbies these days). I’ve always bought tons of music, whether on vinyl, cassette, or CD (I’m not a downloader, I prefer physical media – which is probably evident as I’m blogging about collecting old videogames), so it’s not a trendy thing for me (cue the “I was buying vinyl before it got hip” line).

Anyway, with the current hipness of vinyl records comes a proliferation of video game soundtracks on said format. Companies like I Am 8 Bit, Data Discs, and Ship to Shore are producing high-quality editions for collectors of both games and music.

But let’s go back…way back. To the beginning.

Pac-Man Fever.

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