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The Comeback Kid…or not?


Not long ago, I wrote a bit about re-acquiring Kid Niki for the NES after selling it off, and not really remembering why I would have sold it because I love the game. I also mentioned that for some reason, I had no photographic record of selling the game on eBay, even though I still have all the photos of everything I’ve sold on ebay ever.

The other day, I was deleting old emails, and started on my eBay folder, which contained thousands of emails from eBay acquired over the past few years. I thought about the Kid Niki thing and checked my listing confirmation emails.

There was no email confirming that I had listed Kid Niki for sale. Continue reading “The Comeback Kid…or not?”

The Comeback Kid

Way back when I wrote my downsizing post, I mentioned at the very end that I had, for some reason I myself don’t understand, sold off my copy of Kid Niki for the NES, and that it was the one game I regret selling.

Well, I am happy to report that Kid Niki has recently returned to the family, and was welcomed home with open arms. Continue reading “The Comeback Kid”

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