Way back when I wrote my downsizing post, I mentioned at the very end that I had, for some reason I myself don’t understand, sold off my copy of Kid Niki for the NES, and that it was the one game I regret selling.

Well, I am happy to report that Kid Niki has recently returned to the family, and was welcomed home with open arms.

It was the weirdest thing, too. I’ve always loved Kid Niki. It was one of the first NES games I ever rented, having played the arcade version while waiting for burgers at Tom’s Drive-In, a local fast-food chain here in Wisconsin. Kid Niki became an early favorite NES title of mine, as I played it to near-completion during my rental (I don’t think I actually beat it, but I know I got really far). I didn’t get my own copy until maybe the late ’90s or so, when used NES games were cheap and abundant. I played it a little bit over the years; not a lot, but I always remembered how much I loved it in the ’80s.

Anyway, fast-forwarding to my videogame liquidation, I guess I must have thought “eh, I don’t play Kid Niki much, I can sell that one,” let it go on eBay, and forgotten about it…literally. Because at the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic, I was buying some instruction manuals to go with some of my loose carts, and picked up a manual for Kid Niki.

So when I got home, I was somewhat shocked to find that I no longer had Kid Niki.

WT actual F? Why would I sell that game, I asked myself? I only vaguely recalled doing so, so I checked my folder of eBay photos. I still have all the photos of everything I’ve sold on eBay. And here’s where it gets even weirder: there were no photos of my old Kid Niki cartridge in my eBay folder.

Good, cuz I need it

I definitely used to have the game, and I definitely sold it on eBay, but I had no record of it. Now I was stuck with just a manual for it.

Well, anyway, after being puzzled by this mysterious turn of events/major brainfart for months, my favorite local game shop took in a copy of Kid Niki just the other day, which I promptly went and retrieved for myself.


So now I can revisit Kid Niki — which really is an excellent game, impressively adapted from the arcade version, sporting great action and sound effects, and chock full of hidden secrets — and I would like to make it a point to actually beat it after all these years. It’s definitely a game that deserves a place in my collection.

I’m sorry I forsook you, Kid. Don’t know whatcha got til it’s gone, and all that.

Except now I need the box.