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Solving the 2023 Portopia Serial Murder Case

A few years ago, I wrote a post called Solving the Portopia Serial Murder Case. In it, I detailed how I spent a fair amount of time examining the English fan translation of the Famicom version of the adventure classic, Portopia, and figuring out how to complete the game efficiently. After playing through it several times and taking detailed notes, I created a walkthrough which I made available to download.

Now, in 2023, Square Enix has released a new version of this hugely influential title, but with a twist: rather than the text parser input of the PC original or the menu-driven gameplay of the Famicom version, this new edition serves as a tech demo of an AI-driven input system which Square Enix is calling NLP, or Natural Language Processing. Allegedly, NLP is able to recognize a wide array of commands typed or spoken and utilize them to control the game. In theory, this could revolutionize the way graphic adventure games are played.

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The Pre-order Game UPDATED 5.5.23

UPDATE: The thrilling conclusion to the story, at the end of the article!

Love playing video games? And collecting them too? Well the game-playing doesn’t have to stop when you run out of lives — if you wanna roll the dice on winning and losing some more, why not try pre-ordering your next game?

Okay, that sounds like cynical snark right out of the gate. But I was thinking about this as I’m looking at pre-ordering a title I’m really looking forward to, and realizing that just pre-ordering a new game can be — well, a game in itself.

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The Super Mario Movie: Chris Pratt is the BEST MARIO EVER and Other Observations

A couple weeks ago, my gorgeous, saintly, and astonishingly tolerant wife accompanied her big dorky nerdball husband (that’s me, follow along here) on a date to see the Super Mario Movie. She thought it was pretty good. I LOVED IT.

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Midwest Gaming Classic 2023

Midwest Gaming Classic went down from March 31-April 2, 2023, and I attended on the show’s final day, Sunday the 2nd.

As I’ve mentioned in all of my previous posts about MGC (2022, 2019, 2017), I have attended nearly every year that the show has run since 2005. (There was a blizzard in 2018, 2020 didn’t happen due to Covid, and 2021 didn’t work out for me.) That’s a lotta shows! Some years, I will admit, have been better than others; unfortunately, I felt like I didn’t get much out of it last year, but that was largely due to my own tight schedule, not any fault of the show’s.

However, I am happy to report that this year, I had a great experience and it felt like a true return to form. I saw and played lots of kickass games, picked up some cool stuff, enjoyed some entertaining panels, and met some rad people. Let’s get into it!

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Game Room Setup, Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the past couple months moving house. It’s been an intense and exhausting process, but we are finally in our new place. Now, the process of putting it together begins as we live amongst boxes for the foreseeable future, gradually putting away, setting up, and settling in.

Naturally, I wanna dive into putting together my new game room, and I have slowly started putting some things away and roughing out the layout, but of course there’s the whole rest of the house that needs attention too, so I don’t know when the new RGSH Research Lab will actually be complete. I thought I would wait until it was done before getting back into blogging and creating content, but then I thought, why not just document it as it happens?

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Quiet (for now)

Big changes coming to RGSH HQ! I know I haven’t written much very regularly anyway, but the blog and the socials attendant thereto will be a bit quiet for a little while as we are in the process of moving into a new place!

With this move will come some very positive changes to my gaming setups, of course, as well as my ability to stream on Twitch and work on various projects. So in the meantime, please stick with me as we look forward to launching into the next phase of Retro Game SuperHyper to provide even better quality content soon! Thanks and keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Atari 50: Retro done right, again

Back in 2019, I wrote a post about the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, and raved about how impressively well-put-together it was. The collection of games was the cake, but the icing was the wealth of historical information. SNK40 was lovingly compiled by Digital Eclipse, and to me, was the epitome of classic game collection titles.

Now, Digital Eclipse may have — no, they definitely have — outdone themselves with what may be one of the most significant anniversary collections in video game history. To put it bluntly, Atari 50 needed to be spectacular. And it is!

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FINISHED in 2022! (Updated 10/26/22)

This worked out pretty well last year, so with 2022 upon us, it’s time to start a new list! As with 2021’s list, new entries will be added to the top. There’s plenty to play, so let’s get busy:

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Level 6!

Today is October 16, 2022, which means it’s Retro Game SuperHyper’s 6th birthday!

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Gamers’ Library: Missile Commander by Tony Temple

After receiving this book as a gift last Christmas, it recently finally reached the top of my reading stack, and I’ve just finished it. Missile Commander is many things: history, tech manual, biography, and some crazy stories. And it’s a book that needed to happen.

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Arcade Visit: Heroes Venture, Two Rivers WI

The city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin is a smallish town with a population just shy of 12,000. Only an hour’s drive east from Retro Game SuperHyper HQ, “T’rivers” (as we ‘Sconnies call it) is a popular beach destination in the summer, with its location on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. It also lays claim to being the birthplace of the ice cream sundae — a claim which is disputed by Ithaca, New York, which makes the same bold statement.

Two Rivers also happens to be the place where I saw 13 goddamn Atomiswave cabinets in a row. THIRTEEN.

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Atari XPensive

Atari recently announced the next releases in their XP series of physical game cartridges for the original Atari 2600 console. If you think you’re reading that wrong, let me reiterate — yes, Atari is making 2600 cartridges again.

This time, however, they are probably not ultimately destined for a bargain bin or a landfill.

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