As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the past couple months moving house. It’s been an intense and exhausting process, but we are finally in our new place. Now, the process of putting it together begins as we live amongst boxes for the foreseeable future, gradually putting away, setting up, and settling in.

Naturally, I wanna dive into putting together my new game room, and I have slowly started putting some things away and roughing out the layout, but of course there’s the whole rest of the house that needs attention too, so I don’t know when the new RGSH Research Lab will actually be complete. I thought I would wait until it was done before getting back into blogging and creating content, but then I thought, why not just document it as it happens?

So, while this battle station is not yet fully armed and operational, I can still post the occasional update.

As you can see above, my arcade machines made it safely to the new property, although right now they’re still living in the garage. I want to give them a good cleaning before bringing them into the house anyway, but right now there’s not enough room inside to maneuver them with all the unpacking and arranging that still needs to be done.

And this is the space I have to transform into my game lounge, showing exactly why I can’t quite move those arcade games inside yet. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a nice big 16′ x 24′ space (you can sort of get a sense of scale by the vintage Gottleib pinball machine in the back corner). Arcade and console games will go in here, and probably my record collection, too. I’ll do something cool with the lighting, and it’s also pre-wired with in-wall and in-ceiling surround speakers!

Here is my first dilemma: I have these awesome, spacious, built-in shelves, which as you can see are more than enough to hold all of my games with room to spare. However, they’re very deep; what you see here are up to three layers deep of stacks of carts and discs. I don’t feel the need to display my games — I’m fine with them being hidden from view in these cabinets — but I also don’t want to have to dig through three layers to retrieve a game in the back. So I need to come up with a solution for accessibility, while also utilizing the space I have to the fullest. Perhaps some low-profile plastic bins, that I can pull out?

So that’s literally where I’m at right now. Next time I make some progress, I’ll let you know! I have big visions for this space — for the whole house, really — but we have to take it one little bit at a time, while continuing to work and live the rest of our lives. But I’m pretty sure this room is gonna be worth the wait!