Tate mode is GO

While digging out Christmas decorations this afternoon, I came across my bin full of electronics and gadgets and stuff. It’s got a couple old DVD players in it, lots of cords and cables, some random pieces of A/V equipment, and and lifetime supply of outlet strips. Suddenly – a flash of inspiration!

I dug up an RF modulator that my wife used to use to connect her DVD player to her old TV that didn’t have composite inputs (before she married a nerd) and a short coax cable. Up in my art studio, which doubles as my retro game room, I have a small 13″ TV that used to be in one of the kids’ rooms (before they got spoiled with flatscreens and Netflix) which I wasn’t really using.

So, RF modulator->old TV, plug ’em in, tip the TV on its side, Sega Saturn->RF modulator, and bada boom bada bing, lightweight tate mode CRT monitor. Tried it out with Galactic Attack (aka Layer Section), and my gaming life is now powered up to a higher level of nerddom. It really does make a difference in the way a vertical arcade game feels. Looking forward trying it out with more shmups and some arcade classics collections like Namco Museum!