Mail call!

I was a backer for the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter, however many years ago that was. Well, we all know that once the game finally came out, it wasn’t met with a roar of approval from a lot of gamers. Personally, I don’t hate the game at all, but I don’t necessarily love it to death either. It’s not amazing, it doesn’t suck, it’s…fine. I’m glad it came out and I don’t regret backing it.

Well, this past week, they finally came through with the last of the rewards for Kickstarter backers, and they’re actually pretty cool! The reward tier I selected included a t-shirt, a softcover art book/strategy guide, and a physical box and instruction manual. I could choose between an American-style or Japanese-style (read: NES-style or Famicom-style) box and manual. I picked the Japanese style. The t-shirt came out quite a while ago (before the game I think), and the rest just arrived this past week. All the stuff was made by Fangamer, and the book co-produced by Udon, so it’s all nice quality stuff, regardless of what you think of the game.

Wanna see the manual, box, and book? I made a quick video!

Thanks for checking it out!