Midwest Gaming Classic is this coming weekend, April 14, 15, and 16! This year looks to be the biggest yet, because for the first time, it’ll be held at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee. Will you be there?!

MGC had been held at the Sheraton Hotel in nearby Brookfield, WI for the last several years (after outgrowing the Olympia in Oconomowoc), and as the event continued to grow, the venue was just bursting at the seams. It was starting to become a little bit of a frustrating experience because every area was so packed. But the Wisconsin Center is a nice, big convention center (which is where they used to hold Gen-Con, I’ve been there a couple times), so there should be plenty of room to spread out this year. I know everyone is excited to see the new layout, myself included. And I’m sure the dealers will be happy to be back inside and not in a giant tent in the parking lot!

A while back, I was considering getting a table at this year’s MGC to sell some of my collection and also to promote the blog. I decided not to do so, because I really wanted to enjoy the event and not be stuck at a table all weekend. I was also considering sponsoring some of the areas, which I would have if my finances would have allowed it in time — alas, it was not in the budget this year. Hopefully next year you will see some RGSH logos added to some of the areas at the event.

But this year, you’ll have to find me wandering around! I’ll be there Sunday only. Keep an eye on the blog here, and the RGSH Instagram and Facebook page to keep up with my visit to MGC. More on that in a few days!

So who else is going?? Let me know in the comments and I hope to see ya there!!