Now normally I don’t post news items here on the blog, but today I am making an exception. The newly-reformed Intellivision company, headed up by video game music veteran Tommy Tallarico, has just announced the upcoming release of a new video game console: the Amico! Head over to to see the trailer and read the press release.

My first impression is that this trailer does everything right that every other “neo-retro” console (I’m coining that term right now btw) has done wrong: They tell you exactly what it is, what features it has (and they’re very cool!), a list of games, a plan for exactly what kind of games are in store for the future, a price point (affordable!), and a release date of October 10, 2020. Also, the team involved is a who’s-who of industry heavy-hitters — in other words, names you can trust to make this thing a reality.

I’m VERY intrigued. What do you think?


UPDATE: After having a couple days to mull it over, I realized that for as many answers as the trailer gives, I have just as many questions. Nothing regarding game specifics really, as I know that will be coming before long. But here are a few of the things I’ve been wondering about:

  • Is there a cartridge port to play original Intellivision games? If so, might we see limited physical editions of some new games?
  • Will the updated versions of classic games also contain the original versions? So if you purchase and download, say, Astro Smash or Lock’n’Chase, will they include the original versions and “arranged” versions?
  • From what I recall hearing, the original Intellivision was conceived to have an LCD screen integrated into the controller, which would have been cost-prohibitive back in 1979. Is the touchscreen in the new controller meant to finally be a realization of that original idea?
  • Speaking of the controller, do we really need accelerometer and gyroscopic controls? As a gamer, I think that idea came and went with the Wii, and as a consumer, it holds no appeal for me personally. If it meant cutting costs, I’d say that should be the first feature to go.
  • Still speaking of the controller, will it be more comfortable to use than the original Intellivision disc and tiny Chiclet buttons?
  • How long has the Amico project been in the works for? Did they look at what happened with the RETRO/Coleco Chameleon and Atari VCS and deliberately try to do everything those others did not?
  • The “Blue Sky Rangers Seal of Approval” is a great touch — how is the new Intellivision Entertainment company related to the Intellivision Lives entity, which was started in 1997 by former Blue Sky Rangers Stephen Roney and the late Keith Robinson, and as far as I’m aware, were the rights holders to all the original Intellivision properties?
  • How did some of the big names on the team get involved in this project? Also, how did a Japanese company like Irem get on board?
  • Is this going to be a crowdfunding situation, or is it going to be ready to go? Will it be in stores or order-only?

So many questions! From the sounds of some of the replies I’ve seen from Intellivision’s Twitter account, lots more information is coming before we know it. I’m keeping my eyes peeled and staying optimistic!