After my previous post on F-Zero, wherein I mentioned that I hadn’t spent much time with GP Legend, the second of three Game Boy Advance entries in the series. So I decided to remedy that!

My limited gaming time is currently split between FZGPL and finishing up Yakuza 5 on PS3 before I start Yakuza 0 on PS4. (Nothing like tackling the backlog!) But today, of course, we’re talking about Captain Falcon and friends.

I’ve been playing through Story Mode, which is a multi-character narrative linking races and racing-based missions. It’s fun, with varying levels of challenge, and I’m currently stuck on Jack Levin’s final race where I have to beat main character Rick Wheeler.

There’s also the traditional F-Zero Grand Prix mode, which I’m also playing when I get stuck in Story Mode. Some of the tracks in GPL get pretty diabolical, so even though I feel the control is tighter in this game than in Maximum Velocity (the previous GBA FZ game), they’re still a real challenge for even seasoned F-Zero veterans.

So as it turns out, I should have played F-Zero GP Legend more when I first got it, but I’m really enjoying it now!