And by “archives” I mean all the boxes of stuff I pulled out of my storage unit when I cleaned it out last month.

Let’s see what we got here…

Entex Select-A-Game, an early handheld system with interchangeable cartridges. Six games were released, mostly sports-related but also “Pac Man 2” and “Space Invader 2,” which are identical to Entex’s standalone handhelds of the same names. I have no carts for this thing. I should get some!

Coupla Genesiseseses, one still attached to a SegaCD model 2. I stopped using this setup when I acquired a JVC X’Eye. Also some rogue Dual Shock 2’s, a Dreamcast controller, and an Intellivison II controller which may never have been used.

Lessee, there’s an Atari 7800, INTV III, Coleco Telstar (Pong-type unit), and another Intellivision II controller. Ironically, though I have that INTV III and an original Intellivision, I do not own an Intellivision II to use those controllers on…

Console boxes and boxes and boxes. I know most collectors keep these, but I’m getting close to getting rid of some of the later ones.

Assorted Atari 2600 joystickery.

The small box is some arcade sticks and buttons from a project I never finished. Looks like an old Blip and a Tomytronic 3D (the racing one), and up front is a load of 2600 controllers.

Got a couple NESes here, a Colecovision, a Digital Derby, and I think that’s a 2600 upside down in the middle, wit probably another one underneath it.

Atari 5200, Odyssey2, a 2600 Jr., Colecovision adapter module, and I think that’s an APF TV Fun (Pong thing). Looks like ROB is doing some maintenance on the Virtual Boy there on the left. Under the 2600 Jr. is a coax cable switcher box, which is super rad for hooking up multiple old RF-output consoles.

The hell am I gonna do with all this?? 😉