I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to recently, but with good reason: I’ve been hard at work on an exciting new secret project, which I’m proud to make public right now!

Introducing the Retro Game SuperHyper Arcade Blog Reader!

Prototype mockup

A full-size, upright arcade cabinet with a classic-size 19″ CRT monitor and a custom control panel, the RGSHABR will be available in very limited quantities to arcades and private collectors alike.

Much like the Nintendo PlayChoice-10, each credit inserted purchases a certain amount of time. Read as many entries as you can in the time allotted, and see if you can 1CC the whole blog!

Now you can read RGSH in authentic video arcade style — on your feet and in the dark!

The trackball control, like those found on Atari’s classic Centipede, Missile Command, Quantum, and Marble Madness games, allows for ultra-accurate cursor maneuverability, while the microswitch pushbuttons arm you with link-clicking power like no mouse ever could. And the 19″ CRT gives you those sexy RGB scanlines that get every classic gamer hot ‘n’ bothered, delivering a true retro-game aesthetic.

Production is already underway on the cabinets, with delivery expected by mid-October, well in time for Christmas. With an MSRP of only $2499, you’ll love to add this collector’s item to your personal home game room, or find it at your local arcade, barcade, or pizza palace where you can read Retro Game SuperHyper in public for a quarter a pop!

This has been a dream of mine ever since starting the blog, and I’m so proud to see it come to fruition. Further announcements regarding preorders and the exact release date will follow soon. Thanks so much for your support, and April Fools!