MGC 2019 starts tomorrow, Friday April 12, and runs through Sunday the 14th, at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I’ll be there — will YOU??

I’m especially pumped for this year because last year, we had a freak snowstorm where I live, about 100 miles north of Milwaukee, right on MGC weekend. About 16 inches of snow caused me to miss MGC for the first time in 14 years. That’s right, I’ve been attending MGC every year since 2005, when it was a much smaller gathering at a resort in Oconomowoc, and have witnessed it grow through its run at the Sheraton in Brookfield — so I was pretty salty about missing it last year, especially since it was the first year at the Wisconsin Center and they’ve really ramped up the scale of the show.

So naturally, when the weather reports starting coming in stating that there was, once again, an April snowstorm on the radar this year, panic set in. But luckily, it came and went in the last 24 hours, and will not affect this weekend. Phew!

A lovely spring drive in Wisconsin. Photo taken this morning, April 11, 2019

I’m happy about that not only for myself, but also for the organizers of MGC — the weather situation really hurt the show last year, especially with it being larger than ever, and throughout much of last year we weren’t even sure there was going to be another MGC this year. But luckily for all, they forged ahead, and it looks like there will be no weather-related obstacles preventing this year’s MGC from being a success.

I also usually only went on Sundays, because as a tattoo artist, I’m super busy on Saturdays. While it was always fun to shop, play games, and catch up with people I got to see only once a year, I was always disappointed to miss a lot of the guests, speakers, and presentations that Saturdays always featured. But this year, I decided to take the day off and attend on Saturday, since I missed out last year! As such, I’m looking forward to seeing some music performances, meeting some online friends, hearing some guest speakers, and hopefully meeting some industry people and getting some pics and autographs! And oh yeah — I’ll probably buy some stuff too. But I won’t tell you what I’m looking for, because it’s every man/woman for him/herself in the vendor hall, and I’ve been burned before…!

And I hope to see YOU there too! You can keep up with me on Instagram (@retrogamesuperhyper) and Twitter (@RGSuperHyper) and if you spot me wandering around or playing some games, please come right up and say hey!!

And if you can’t make it this weekend, I’ll be sure to put together a big blog post (like I did in 2017) right here about the show sometime in the week following, so stay tuned.

Can’t wait to see you!

For more information or to buy tickets, hit up!