If you recall, last year on this date I announced the Retro Game SuperHyper Arcade Blog Reader, a full-sized upright arcade machine that allows you to read this blog in arcades anywhere around the world. You’ve probably been enjoying that machine for almost a year now at your favorite game center!

Well now I’ve decided to jump on the “mini” bandwagon along with the Neo Geo Mini, My Arcade, Replicade, and all the rest, so today I’m proud to unveil the Retro Game SuperHyper Arcade Blog Reader Mini!

That’s right, now you can have a miniature version of the arcade version of the desktop version of this blog in the palm of your hand! Measuring just 3.5″ tall and featuring a 1.5″ LCD screen, it may be small, but with wi-fi connectivity you can get all the latest RGSH posts on an impossible-to-read screen in a rad mini arcade cabinet fully emblazoned with artwork! The wee joystick and microscopic buttons are amazingly responsive, allowing you to scroll and click all the nano-sized links until you completely lose your eyesight.

The RGSHABRM is available TODAY, April 1, 2019, anywhere trendy mini arcade games are sold!