Here’s a piece that I’ve been really excited about: The Dragon’s Lair Trilogy collector’s edition from Limited Run Games for PS4! You all know I’m a sucker for Dragon’s Lair, so I had to pull the trigger on this release, and it sure hit me right in the laserdisc nostalgias. Check out the video to see what’s inside!

The game itself is excellent, with lots of options for different display and gameplay modes, as well as some awesome extras like interviews with Don Bluth, Rick Dyer, and Gary Goldman, a pencil test for a deleted scene from DL2, and more! (Side note, I would LOVE to see Taito give this kind of treatment to Time Gal and Ninja Hayate, or Data East put out something like this for Cobra Command and Road Avenger!)

Also, check out my Twitch channel from time to time as I’ll be streaming and recording some playthroughs of these classics!