I’ve been in a Neo-Geo mood lately — and with good reason! I am proud to announce the official Retro Game SuperHyper video game, exclusively for the Neo-Geo MVS arcade system! And wait until you hear the price!


Traditionally (i.e., in the old days), Neo-Geo AES cartridges originally retailed for around $200-$300. Newer games from indie developers, such as NG.DEV.TEAM, run around $500 for an AES or MVS cart.

But then what happens? A few years down the road, those games rise in value on the collectors’ market, and resellers get double, triple, or more for them! Four-digit prices are not at all uncommon in the Neo-Geo scene. But how do you think those developers feel about that? They only got $500 for that cartridge, but obviously there are collectors out there willing to pay $1500, $3000, or even more for a single Neo-Geo game! Heck, how do you think SNK themselves feel, when they originally retailed Metal Slug AES for a few hundred bucks, but now collectors throw down like 5 grand on it?! SNK sure could’ve used that kinda money back then — maybe they wouldn’t have had to sell out to Aruze for a few years.

The spine is yellow to remind you that you could’ve bought Garou MOTW instead

That’s why Retro Game SuperHyper for the Neo-Geo is retail priced at $14,999 right out of the gate! We figure, why let the resellers get all that money when we could get it up front?

Authentically suspect verbiage on the back

Will the game be worth it? …Does it matter? It’s a new Neo-Geo game, on a bigass cartridge, and you don’t have it yet.

Dude it’s gonna look SOOOOO BITCHIN on your shelf

And NO, there will NOT be a cheaper Dreamcast version, you skinflint!

So to get your copy of the official Retro Game SuperHyper game for Neo-Geo MVS, go ahead and mortgage your home, because preorders for this limited edition start today, April 1st, 2020!

…You know, April Fools Day.

If you would like to print out your own Retro Game SuperHyper MVS shockbox insert, I’ve uploaded it in PDF form here: RGSH_shockbox! Fits standard Southtown MVS Shockboxes.