Today is October 16, 2022, which means it’s Retro Game SuperHyper’s 6th birthday!

Yes, this little blog and zine has been going for six years as of today. It’s been an absolutely crazy busy year for me personally, and the blog has definitely suffered some ups and downs as far as productivity, with periods of prolific posting punctuated by dry spells. But overall I’m still happy to be rolling along, and I’m still expanding with new ideas!

Let’s talk for a minute about issue 5 of the fanzine. It’s still gonna happen, but my silly idea that a mostly visual art and photography issue might be easier to throw together than a mag full of articles turned out to be way off the mark, as I’m having a heck of a time finding spare moments to work on content for it. So even though my annual release schedule has been thrown out the window like a TV from Ace Frehley’s hotel room, it’s constantly on my mind and I do intend to see it through, so please continue to look forward to it. In the meantime, make sure you complete your collection of issues 1 through 4!

Another area I’ve been exploring is livestreaming! I’ve been enjoying jumping on Twitch while I’m playing just to see how it goes, and my channel is growing slowly but surely. I’m also trying to play games that aren’t as well known, so please take a look at RGSH on Twitch and if you catch me while I’m on, make sure you say hello!

The rest of my scant free time has been spent working on a personal game project that I’ll reveal when it’s done. It was previewed in issue 4 of the zine, and I’ve been posting its progress on my Instagram, so once it’s ready to show I’ll do the whole post-and-video thing. Hint: it’s laserdisc-game-related! (Imagine that!)

What else? I’m still loving designing t-shirts and stuff too, so please take a look at those, and I throw together the occasional video on my YouTube channel too, so gimme a sub if you please!

I would still love to expand this whole brand into every area of video games: game development! Game publishing! Events! …but, you know, I can only do so much. Keep encouraging me, though, and we’ll see how far I can take this. Game on!