You can always tell when it’s this time of year, because the blog gets kinda silent. You know I’m working on something — well here it is! The FOURTH big issue of Retro Game SuperHyper fanzine is available now!

Retro Game SuperHyper Issue #4

By TJ Rappel in Retro Game SuperHyper

60 pages, published 1/12/2021

The fourth issue of Retro Game SuperHyper is here, and at 60 pages, it’s the biggest and best issue yet. With a dual theme of ’80s arcade gaming and the idea of “making video gaming your own,” RGSH #4 is a blast of retro gaming nostalgia and inspiration.

At 60 pages, it’s the biggest issue yet — that’s right, the ‘zine has almost doubled in size since I started it!

In this issue:

  • 2020’s Best Retro!
  • One of a Kind – an interview with collector Julius Viloria!
  • Plays Like the Real Arcade Game – a look at the Colecovision’s lesser-known arcade licenses!
  • After the Aftershock – an interview with veteran arcade owner Brad Van!
  • Family Tree – how Atari, Midway, Williams, and more are all connected!
  • Waxing Nostalgic – a pictorial of 1980s video game trading cards!
  • Modding an Arcade 1up – a journal of my tate-mode A1up project!
  • Videogame ‘Zines Vol. 2 – another look at more indie videogame mags!
  • Cliff Hanger: All the Moves! – a guide to the 1983 laserdisc game made of Lupin the 3rd footage!
  • Retro Game SuperFunny – CARTOONS!

For this issue, I ended up with sort of a dual theme running throughout: a vibe of 1980s arcade nostalgia, as well as the concept of “making gaming your own.” With most of the articles dealing with either arcade-related topics, or customizing your gaming experiences and collection, or a crossover of the two, issue 4 turned out to be a cohesive collection of features that cleverly cross-reference each other. I’m very proud of how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it.

As always, there’s a printed physical edition as well as a PDF download, and if you buy the print version the PDF is FREE! Order yours today RIGHT HERE!

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