That’s right, you heard right — after a long delay, the second issue of the Retro Game SuperHyper fanzine is finally done, in the can, put to bed, uploaded, out and available to buy RIGHT NOW!

RGSH #2 is 36 full-color pages of original, zine-exclusive content, as well as a few of my favorite articles from the second year of the blog!

Some of the features you’ll only find in the ‘zine include:

  • Interview with SaruMaru, creator of FX Unit Yuki!
  • Essay, Has Retro Gaming Gone Mainstream?
  • Q&A with Aaron Kraten, noted shmup collector and enthusiast!
  • A guide to mini arcade games!
  • The Story of Deathstalker: A resurrected laserdisc arcade game!
  • How to Beat Pitfall! – A guide to finishing the Atari 2600 classic! YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Artwork, cartoons, and game photography!

Plus a few of my favorite articles from the blog’s second year, including Why Shmups?, Lost and Found and Lost Again: Chantze’s Stone, and That Time I Almost Won a Street FIghter II Tournament, with fresh layouts and tons of graphics!

Here’s a flip-through video of the new issue!

As with the first issue, RGSH #2 is available in a physical printed edition, as well as a downloadable PDF — but print orders include the PDF as well!

Retro Game SuperHyper Issue #2

By TJ Rappel in Retro Game SuperHyper

36 pages, published 1/17/2019

The second issue of Retro Game SuperHyper fanzine has finally arrived! A companion piece to the popular classic video gaming blog, RGSH #2 is 36 pages featuring a few remixed articles from the blog, and a ton of brand-new, ‘zine-exclusive content!

I had originally intended to get it out back in October, and as such, I decided to keep the date of 2018 on the cover. Unfortunately, a number of things delayed the zine’s release. I got frustrated and even almost gave up. But I got inspired, pushed through and got it finished, and I am so happy I did. I’m very proud of this ‘zine, and if you like and appreciate physical magazines and independent publications as much as I do, I hope you’ll check it out.

Oh, I almost forgot — if you like the cover artwork, there’s a new t-shirt of it available at my TeeSpring shop, too!

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As always, thanks for your support!!